Get Involved



1) Let Your Voice Be Heard at "Fair Schools Now!" Rally!

Who: Students, Parents, Teachers, Anyone Who Wants to Support Public Education

What: Last summer, 5 grassroots organizations representing nearly half a million California families, and 22 individual students and parents, sued the state of California to force it to fix its broken system of school funding.  A similar suit, Robles-Wong v. California, was filed by the California School Boards Association, ACSA, California PTA, school districts, and individual students and parents.  The State is fighting back and has asked the Court to dismiss both suits.  The court hearing will take place on December 10th, the morning after this rally.  COME SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE SCHOOL FUNDING LAWSUITS AND DEMAND FAIR AND ADEQUATE PUBLIC SCHOOL FUNDING!

Why: To force Sacramento to invest in California students--California's future--by fully and fairly funding our public schools.

Where: Elihu Harris State Building, 1515 Clay St. (between 15th & 16th), Oakland 3 Blocks from 12th St. BART Station (head NE on Broadway towards 13th; slight left at Ogawa Plaza; turn left toward Clay St.; go right Clay St.)

When: Thursday, December 9th, 4pm

Bring: posters, signs, chants, energy, and your friends

Slogan Ideas: "Fair Schools Now!" "Fund Our Futures" "Invest in Us" "Quality Education for All" "Adequate and Equitable Education for All" "I'm Worth It"

Can't Make It? Help spread the word on Facebook instead.  For a pdf version of this flyer go here.  We're planning a mass Facebook/Twitter update at 8:45 Friday morning to coincide with the court hearing!

2) Write to Your Governor!

Send a postcard to Governor-Elect Jerry Brown telling him you support the CQE v. California lawsuit.  Print out this postcard and send it to him at:

Governor-elect Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

3) Broadcast Your Support on Youtube!

Create a short YouTube VIDEO POSTCARD showing your support for an adequate and equitable system of public school funding in California, including support for the CQE v. California lawsuit.  

Filming & uploading your video.


Use this lesson plan to educate your students/members about their right to a quality education and get them involved in the movement for fair and adequate school funding.