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Alameda County Courthouse Rally (July 12, 2010)

Come Rally to Support Filing of Historic Education Lawsuit to Fix Public School Funding in California

WHO:  Students, Parents, Teachers, Anyone Who Wants to Support Public Education

WHAT:  Grassroots organizations, students, and parents are suing the state of California to force it to fix its broken system of K-12 public school funding.  A rally, led by the grassroots organizations, students, and parents who are plaintiffs in the lawsuit—Campaign for Quality Education, et al, v. California—will take place on the Alameda County Courthouse steps at the moment the lawsuit is filed.   

WHY:  California must fix its broken funding system NOW!  All students—including low-income students and students of color—deserve the resources to succeed in school and in their careers.

WHERE:  Alameda County Courthouse, 1225 Fallon St. (near 12th St.), Oakland, CA 94612
Walk from Lake Merritt BART Station
WHEN:  Monday, July 12, 12pm (gather at 11:30am)

BRING:  Posters, signs, chants, ENERGY & YOUR FRIENDS

CONTACT:  Public Advocates, 415.431.7430 x311 (Michelle) or 415.846.7226 (Tara);;

Slogan Ideas: “Fair Schools Now!” “Fund Our Futures”  “Invest in Us” “Quality Education for All” “Adequate and Equitable Education for All” “I’m Worth It”