CQE, et al. v. California: The Grassroots Speak

In a four minute video compiled from dozens of “video postcards” submitted from around the state, California’s parents and students speak out about the broken school finance system that has failed a generation and why they have come together to participate in a historic lawsuit, CQE v. California.  (Video editing by Rasquache Film Productions.  Music: "African Oranges" by Steve Enstad and Scott Gagner,

Our YouTube channel also has the source “video postcards” from students and parents (1-3 minutes each), including some from individual plaintiffs and plaintiff organizational members are also available.

See the video made by Educate Our State about why they support school finance reform in California.


Create a short YouTube VIDEO POSTCARD showing your support for an adequate and equitable system of public school funding in California, including support for the CQE v. California lawsuit. 

Filming & uploading your video.

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