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Viral Video Campaign

Campaign for Quality Education v. State of California

Video Postcard Action


Create a short YouTube video postcard showing your support for an adequate and equitable system of public school funding in California, including support for the CQE v. California lawsuit.

Just follow these 3 easy steps…

1.      Create Your Video

Here’s a suggested format, but feel free to adapt.

Begin video withMy name is [FIRST NAME ONLY] and I’m from [CITY].    When I graduate, I want to be/go to. . . [CAREER, COLLEGE, KIND OF PERSON]

Answer each of the following questions:

THE NEED: Why should California support all students with a quality education that prepares them for college and career?

Answer: The State needs to provide every student a high quality education because … ___________

WHAT’S MISSING: What academic or support resources is your school failing to provide you, especially because of the recent budget cuts? (Be as specific as possible!)

Answer: I’m not getting a quality education because at my school we don’t have…_____________________

THE GOAL: Why do you support the CQE lawsuit for adequate and equitable funding? 

Answer: I’m supporting this lawsuit because…[OR] I have a right to…


2. Upload Your Video

Go to your YouTube channel (or create a new one) and upload your video

Fill out the following information such as:

·        Title: Fair Schools Now: Name of Speaker

Example: Fair Schools Now: Jacki


·        Description: Title (Student, Parent, Teacher, Community Member, etc.), Name of District

Example: 11th Grade Student, Oakland USD


·        Tag:     CQEvCA

(Use this tag so that we can find your video and feature it on our website)

3. Link to Our Facebook Fan Page  

     Go to

     Share your YouTube postcard URL on our wall

It’s as easy as that. Thanks for your support!
Fair Schools Now!,
Mar 14, 2016, 12:59 AM